ScientistAMT provides excellent opportunities to the next generation of oceanographers and has contributed to more than 75 PhD studies.


The program also hosts the POGO-AMT fellowship. The fellowship enables students and early stage scientists from developing countries to take part in the annual cruise.


This is a fantastic opportunity to gain hands-on training and experience within an internationally renowned scientific programme. See the POGO website for more information on the fellowship and application criteria.


“Being on the AMT cruise is like being in an atmosphere-ocean interaction class – with the subject of my training as my special project and with the other components of the programme as other topics comprising the course. This is the most extensive study on the biogeochemistry of the surface oceans that I know of and it’s amazing how the components of the programme are interrelated”.


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Previous POGO-AMT Fellows

PML-Fellow list

Rafael rasse AMT POGO FellowCristabel Fernandes National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa, IndiaHASHAN KOKUHENNADIGE Department of Oceanography and Marine Geology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology, University of Ruhuna, Matara, Sri Lanka