September 9, 2003 - October 13, 2003

UK - Port Stanley

This was the second in the series of cruises funded by a NERC Consortium Grant. The RRS James Clark Ross set sail from Immingham in the UK on 8 September 2003 and arrived in Stanley, Falkland Islands on 13 October 2003. The principal scientist was Carol Robinson from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

The aims of the cruise were to sample the Mauritanian upwelling and southern gyre, thereby allowing data to be collected over a large range of plankton biomass, activity and community structure.

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Baker, Alex Atmospheric deposition University of East Anglia, UK
Bell, Tom DMS University of East Anglia, UK
Clark, Darren Nitrification Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Forster, Grant Iron, N2O University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Fuchs, Bernard Bacterial processes Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Germany
Gist, Nicola Respiration and gross production Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Granda, Angelica Mesozooplankton Universidad de Oviedo, Spain
Hampton, Paul Microzooplankton Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Hind, Andy DIC, alkalinity, pCO2 University of East Anglia, UK
Johnson, Zackary Picoplankton Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Lavender, Samantha Optics University of Plymouth, UK
López, Eva Mesozooplankton Universidad de Oviedo, Spain
Lowe, Chris Optics, FRRF Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Millward, Nick Nitrogen fixation Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Poulton, Alex 14C size fractionated photosynthesis Southampton Oceanography Centre, UK
Robinson, Carol Principal Scientist Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Robinson, Jenna CDOM, DIC, oxygen photodegradation University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
San Martin, Elena Zooplankton Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Stinchcombe, Mark Filtering, DOC/N Southampton Oceanography Centre, UK
Tarran, Glen Cytosub, flow cytometry Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Thomalla, Sandy Filtering and thorium Southampton Oceanography Centre, UK
Waldron, Howard 15N Southampton Oceanography Centre, UK
Woodward, Malcolm Nutrients Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Zubkov, Mike Bacterial biodiversity Southampton Oceanography Centre, UK

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