May 18, 2005 - June 28, 2005

Cape Town - UK

This was the fifth cruise in the series funded by a NERC Consortium Grant. The cruise was on board the RRS Discovery and sailed from Cape Town, South Africa to Falmouth, UK from 19 May to 29 June 2005.

The cruise aimed to compare the northern and southern hemisphere gyres following the 25 degree west meridian. The coastal upwelling off south west Africa was investigated prior to steaming into the mid-Atlantic to head north.

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Bale, Tony Principal Scientist Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Chamberlain, Katie Nutrients Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Cooke, Isobel Pigments, POC/N, lugols Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Drapeau, David Calcification, optics Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science, USA
Frickers, Trish pCO2, ammonia Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Gist, Niki Respiration and gross production Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Hale, Michelle Bacterial processes Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Kaiser, Jan Oxygen, argon, nitrogen, CO2 Princeton University, USA
Koblizek, Michal Aerobic anoxygenic photoheterotrophs Instiute of Microbiology, Czech Republic
Lavender, Sam Optics, FRRF, CDOM University of Plymouth, UK
Mawji, Edward Marine siderophores University of Plymouth, UK
Pan, Xi DOC, DON, DOP National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK
Poulton, Alex 14C size fractionated photosynthesis National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK
Raitsos, Dionysios Data analysis University of Plymouth, UK
Reynolds, Sarah PON, DON University of Liverpool, UK
Schattenhofer, Martha Microbial community composition Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Germany
Tarran, Glen Flow cytometry Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Ussher, Simon Iron University of Plymouth, UK

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