September 14, 1999 - October 12, 1999

UK - Montevideo

AMT9 took place between 15 September and 13 October 1999 when the RRS James Clark Ross sailed from Grimsby in the UK to Montevideo, Uruguay. The principal scientist was Nigel Rees from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

The cruise aimed to develop links between the autonomous shipboard, towed measurements and satellite remote sensed observations by extrapolating measurements of the oceans and atmosphere from research ships to basin-scales.

The AMT9 cruise report is only available as a gangplank report (see links) which was produced on board by the principal scientist. There are no plans to produce a full AMT9 report.

Download the cruise report

Download the AMT9 Cruise Report




Chuck, Adele University of East Anglia, UK
Hughes, Joannah Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Kitidis, Vassilis University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
McKee, Conor University of East Anglia, UK
Rees, Nigel Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
Sandford, Richard University of Plymouth, UK
Willson, Hester Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK

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